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Mic and LCd monitor lift

Mic and LCd monitor lift

Mic and LCd monitor lift Mic and LCd monitor lift Mic and LCd monitor lift
Product name : Mic and LCd monitor lift
Item : DF-LM156
Details :
 Product introduction :

LCD monitor lift is mainly used for conference and training table , the monitor can be hidden when not in operation.

Product features:
Aluminium Alloy anti-corrosion case, CNC carve technology makes the model with light weight and thin.
Molding in one Aluminium alloy monitor behind frame, 8mm thickness, anadizing wiring drawing finish.
The rail-type wirerope transmission structure makes the model with stable operation and low noise.
Tank Chain wiring structure inside, the model will not get stuck when raising and falling.
Metal panel button, fine workmanship, long- life sensitive button.
Panel with metal computer host switch button and USB port, product is feature-rich.
Signal source input standard configuration is HDMI and VGA , access to two sources in the meanwhile, signal switchover by panel button.
The Angel of elevation is adjustable.The default angle is 15degree.Can be adjust to 30degree by the panel rising button.
The whole model with material of Aluminium alloy except the screen and electronic components,Strong abilities to resist corruption.


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