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Horizantal table mount socket

Horizantal table mount socket

Horizantal table mount socket Horizantal table mount socket Horizantal table mount socket Horizantal table mount socket
Product name : Horizantal table mount socket
Item : DF-T131
Details :
 Configuration: 3xUk power supply, 2xUSB charging, 2xnetwork

Product Feature

1.These sockets are combined by various function keys we produced. They can be customized according to project or operation place. There are universal, American, British, European, French, Italian, South Africa, Danish power. And weak functions have phone, network, HDMI,VGA, USB,USB Charge, audio, video and so on.

2.The part of aluminum can make different surface treatment according to customer’s requirements, such as drawing oxidation, aluminum shell, electrophoresis. The normal color is silver. Other colors can also be customized.

3.The length of products is decided by your demand.

4.It is very convenient to install this product. Below the outlet fitted with feet, can be installed anywhere on the desktop, stability, at the same time does not affect again after the second mobile use.

5.This product is easy to outgoing line. You can outgoing line by using the outlet hole of desk or along the table side. It reduce trouble of opening holes. Hotels and private residence can buy and use products directly.     

Install Caution:                                                                 

1.Mounting surface should be clean, dust-free and level.

      2. When installation, can adjust the installation according to the thickness of the table leg length.

3.If you want to move the socket, please send two screw rod unscrewed, gently forward.

4.Do not pour water into the socket. Input voltage:110-220V/50HZ.Grounding.

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