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Name: Zoey
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Mobile: +86 134 2184 1397
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SKYPE: zoezuo007
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for Offices, Hotels, Confrence rooms, Hospitals,Courts , Apartmens, Cafes and etc in Different countries

  LCD Lift & Hydraulic pop up outlet for Public Security Organs                LCD Lift with Mic for Conference room

              Power Track Socket for Office                                                                                      LCD lift with Mic for Meeting  Room

                 Power  Track For Hotel Project in 2018                                                          Power Track outlet for Apartment Kitchen

            Power  Track  for Receiption room                                                                          Electric Pop Up Table Socket Outlet

         Sliding Partition/Wall / Table Outlet                                                                         Alumimum Cable Grommet for Office Desks

                                     Pop Up Table Socket                                                                                 Partition Outlet for Smart office Project